Ken's 2005 Mini Cooper S

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My Mini - waiting for me to arrive at Sandia Mini in Albuquerque, NM  6/15/2005    
Pictures by Steve Elkins of NM Mini Motoring

Recent Events

PSMini, NWMini
ProFormance Racing School Track Day
September 11, 2007

A whole gaggle of Minis attended the 2007 edition of the ProFormance Racing School at Pacific Raceway hosted by PSMini and NWMini.  Leprecn attended for the first time along with MyMini.  I did some hot laps and my Mini also went for a return engagement to the school, driven by my friend Dave.  We left tired and happy after a great day!
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Two Day Drive to Eastern Washington
July 14-15, 2007

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590.1 miles and up to 53 Mini's motored for two days enjoying the sights, sounds and roads from Seattle to Yakima to Wenatchee to Winthrop and back to Seattle.
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Mini Meet West - Hood River, OR
July 10-12, 2007

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I attended Mini Meet West in Hood River Oregon on July 10th and 11th.  A nice bunch of classic Mini's and a good assortment of "BMW Mini's".
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Inland Empire Track Days at Spokane Raceway Park
June 23/24, 2007

"Ansel Adams" Onramp was kind enough to take a few pictures of me on the track.  He did add the disclaimer that there may be pictures of just the pavement because by the time he pushed the button, I was already gone.
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Speedware Motorsports Track Day at Pacific Raceway
May 10, 2007

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The following photos  are
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from Steve Alvine (C)
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78624595.vMttRqBI.speedwarelowres_MG_6042.jpg (34687 bytes) 78624601.ptc5tIxe.speedwarelowres_MG_6065.jpg (35618 bytes) 78624613.6dSwhLtj.speedwarelowres_MG_6131.jpg (41837 bytes) 78624634.AoLvJsWX.speedwarelowres_MG_6221.jpg (35343 bytes) 78624626.WFcpQFWx.speedwarelowres_MG_6183.jpg (28317 bytes) 78624653.zbPffbEv.speedwarelowres_MG_6303.jpg (40614 bytes)

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Woodinville All Fools' Day Parade  3/30/2007

ProFormance Racing School hosted by Northwest MINI
July 10, 2006
PICT0310.jpg (170992 bytes) Boy, what a fun day!  On July 10, 2006, Northwest MINI hosted a MINI driving school with ProFormance Racing School and Pacific Raceway.  The school took us through drills to learn a number of skills necessary for safe daily driving that are also necessary for performance driving.  We then spent the afternoon lapping around the race track.  I feel like I got to know the MINI much better.  The MINI seems to be running better too!  I think it liked getting a chance to clean it's lungs out a little bit.  Put on about 125 miles of laps and I'm ready to go again!

Summer Trip 2006
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From June 18th to June 29th 2006, I put on more than 2600 miles traveling from Seattle to Monterey, CA, to San Francisco to hop on a plane and spend 5 days in Cabo San Lucas, back to SFO and on to Boise, Idaho and across the North Cascades and up to Birch Bay before returning to Seattle.  I did my part (using the front of my MINI) to eradicate as many insects as possible that were found flying close to the ground over paved surfaces.

During my trek, I tried to find a few windy roads.  Well, I found a couple that were absolutely unforgettable.  The first was California Highway 299 between Arcata and Redding, CA. 200+ miles of nice twisty roads.  Highly recommended if you have the opportunity.  The next road was even MORE unforgettable.  That one is California Highway 175 between Williams and Hopland, CA.  This is by far, the most twisty road I have ever driven.  Several miles of it was 2nd or 3rd gear, and I was going as fast as I could.  About the only other cars I saw were sports cars doing the same thing I was.  This one is a MUST drive!

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DSCN0090.JPG (399868 bytes) DSCN0091.JPG (429785 bytes) The first event after returning home was PSMini's Detail Clinic held at Griot's Garage in Fife on July 9th, 2005.

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One month anniversary of picking up the car...

Attempted my first road rally on July 24, 2005.  The Ketchum Again Rally was hosted by Puget Sound Rally Club.  Came in 4th place (last) in novice class.

DSCN0111.JPG (371732 bytes) DSCN0112.JPG (415365 bytes) Puget Sound Mini Motoring Club's 1st annual All Mini Car Show.  I was 1 of 100 Minis (92 new and 8 classics).  August 13, 2005

DSCN0334.JPG (251949 bytes) DSCN0335.JPG (295070 bytes) Woodinville All Fools' Day Parade  4/1/2006
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My Mini's Trip Home from the Dealer

June 24th, 2005  I finally arrive at Sandia Mini in Albuquerque, New Mexico
to begin my 3006 mile journey home

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Steve Elkins of New Mexico Mini Motoring met me at the dealer and took some of these pictures.

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Steve, his daughter and I met for breakfast the next AM

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Finally on the road.  Heading out of Albuquerque to Fort Sumner, Clovis, Portales and on to Roswell for the night.

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Roswell has some strange places to see.  Didn't see any aliens, just evidence that they'd been there.

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DSCN0037.JPG (374674 bytes) DSCN0039.JPG (385746 bytes)

The next day took me to Carlsbad then back up to Artesia, through Cloudcroft (the southern-most ski resort in the US), to Alamogordo to see the White Sands & Missile Base (humm, source of some saucer sightings?) and to Las Cruces for the night.

DSCN0042.JPG (398621 bytes) DSCN0044.JPG (372185 bytes) DSCN0045.JPG (391079 bytes) Monday AM I left for Phoenix/Scottsdale AZ.  First stop was Douglas, then Tombstone.
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The Dynamic Mini Collective of Phoenix, put together a Meet-and Greet to welcome me and the Mini.  12 cars showed up although only 8 are pictured here.  Great bunch!

DSCN0057.JPG (401498 bytes) DSCN0058.JPG (363127 bytes) DSCN0059.JPG (386296 bytes) Met up with the family in Phoenix.  As soon as the wife's meetings were over, off we went to Williams, AZ and a train ride to the Grande Canyon.

The train pix are for one of the DMC members who used to play on these trains as a kid in the U-P of Michigan.
DSCN0062.JPG (375286 bytes) DSCN0067.JPG (372211 bytes) DSCN0068.JPG (308553 bytes) The following day we hit Route 66 and then off to Las Vegas, Nevada.
DSCN0069.JPG (394268 bytes) DSCN0070.JPG (374404 bytes) After spending 3 days in Vegas and celebrating my daughter's 16th birthday (on the left) (and no, she won't be driving the Mini), the "kids" flew home and the wife and I continued our journey.
DSCN0087.JPG (402598 bytes) The remainder of the trip took us to Salt Lake City, Utah, Boise, Idaho, Yakima, Washington and finally on to Seattle.  First sight of Mt. Rainier; starting to feel like home.  3006 miles in all.  A ton of fond memories.  Met some great people and now I proudly own one comfortable and fun ride!

Funny story: the wife thought I was nuts for buying that silly little car.  She loved the ride home and was truly impressed how great of a road car it is.  At one stop, she walked out of a restaurant before I did.  When I walked out, I caught her standing there smiling while looking at the Mini.  Another Mini enthusiast!