cimg0298_small.jpg After seeing my obsession with my Mini and participating in numerous PSMini events, my wife decided that maybe a Mini Cabrio would be a fun little summer car for her.  We found a Mini that met her option desires and purchased it off of eBay.  It's home was Pittsburgh, PA.  On March 16th, 2007 I flew back to pick it up.  The weather was a gamble and as it turned out, a huge storm had snowed in most of the east coast.  Pittsburgh was right at the edge of the storm and the forecast was for continued show throughout the night and the next day.   I arrived in Pittsburgh about 7:30 in the evening and was met by a driver from Harrison Auto Sales.  About a hour later, I was in our newly acquired ride and decided it was best to get out of town while I could.  I ended up in Columbus Ohio for the night.  Out of the storm, I found only a light dusting of snow on the car in the AM.
Had to stop and sight see at the Indianapolis Speedway
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The only Bricks left are at the Start/Finish line.
Couldn't drive the Mini around the track.  Had to ride the bus. cimg0303_small.jpg cimg0304_small.jpg cimg0305_small.jpg
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